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Arctic SnowShoe Race 2024

lørdag 16. mars 2024 by Midnight Sun Marathon

Del av Arctic SnowShoe Race

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We started the Arctic Snowshoe Race after the Norwegian Athletics Association introduced snowshoeing as a new sports discipline in Norway in 2020. We challenge everyone that loves running and mountain hiking to try Snowshoe racing. It is a demanding and fun exercise that is getting more and more popular in Norway. There is both a world championships and efforts are being made to include snowshoe running in the olympics.

Experience Northern Norway and Tromsø by taking part in the Arctic Snowshoe Race on 25th of March 2023. We offer two distances, 5km and 10km, meaning there is a snowshoe race for both for experienced and novice runners. The start and finish are at the Tromsø Ski Stadion. The course is guiding you over the island of Tromsø and introduces you to the Arctic scenery and fantastic lanscape surrounding the city.There is special snowshoes for running that are light, small and built for speed. If you are looking for these online you can often find them called Aerobic or Fitness. They are more closely related to the natural running stride, and not recommended for deep powder and backcountry conditions.


5 km


10 km